Robert Piotrowicz: sound artist, composer, improviser.

He has authored radio dramas, sound installations, and music for theatre productions, and collaborates regularly with other artists on audio-visual performances. As an instrumentalist, Piotrowicz works mainly with his own live performance setup, developed around the electric guitar and analogue modular synthesiser. His music has as much in common with contemporary electro-acoustic compositions as it does with sound art. His concerts feature saturated, detailed musical forms created with analogue synthesizers and computers. He has developed his trademark sound of intense dynamics seized in dramatic and balanced structures.

PIotrowicz has released several solo albums as well as collaborations with artists such as Burkhard Stangl, Anna Zaradny, Jérôme Noetinger, C. Spencer Yeh and Kevin Drumm. Other collaborators in recent years included Valerio Tricoli, Oren Ambarchi, Martin Klapper, Zbigniew Karkowski, Łukasz Szałankiewicz, Lasse Marhaug, John Hegre, Kasper Toepltz, Xavier Charles,Tony Buck and others.

Piotrowicz has given live performances throughout Europe, North & Central America, Japan and Australia.

Co-founder of the Musica Genera Festival and the Musica Genera label.

Robert Piotrowicz - Rurokura meets Jelito mini cdr (polycephal)
Robert Piotrowicz / Burkhard Stangl / Anna Zaradny - Can't Illumination cd (musica genera)
Robert Piotrowicz - The Path To The Death cdr (phase!)
Robert Piotrowicz - Rurokura and Final Warn cd (emd records)
Robert Piotrowicz / Xavier Charles - /// cd (emd records)
Robert Piotrowicz - Lasting Clinamen cd (musica genera)
Robert Piotrowicz – Rurokura and Eastern Europen Folk Music Research vol.2 7“ (bocianrecords)
Robert Piotrowicz / Carl Michael von Hausswolff – split LP (bocianrecords)
Kevin Drumm / Jerome Noetinger / Robert Piotrowicz – Wrestling 7” (bocianrecords)
Robert Piotrowicz / C. Spencer Yeh – AMBIENT – onde sided LP (bocianrecords)
Robert Piotrowicz - When Snakeboy Is Dying (musica genera)
Robert Piotrowicz - Lincoln Sea (musica genera)
Robert Piotrowicz / Lukas Jiricka - Samoobrona (bolt records)
Robert Piotrowicz - Stara Szkoła Ze Złota / Old Schoold Made Of Gold - (bocian records / musica generea)

poetry, drama and literature projects:
“Hra na Ohradu” (dir. L. Jiricka, text Stanislav Dvorský, Prague 2008)
“Pan Cogito” (Zbigniew Herbert, Bucuresti 2009, 2 cd audiobook)
“RANCIO” (dir. L. Jiricka text Emil Cioran, Prague 2010, radio play)
“Samoobrona” (dir. L. Jiricka and Robert Piotrowicz, text Helmut Kajzar, Teatr Dramatyczny. Warsaw 2012)

sound Installations:
"The Audio Is” (Sound Camp, Russia 2009)
“Prometeul” (Transformator 2009, Lviv, Audio Art 2010, Cracow)
“Prometeul 2” (Skolska Gallery, Prague 2010)
“Unternal” (Futurological Congres, Lviv 2010)

multimedia projects:
"Zmartwychwstanie” , „Homage” (2005 Szczecin)
"TOJTOJ" (2006-2007)
"Summe von Nullen” (2005 Vienna, 2010 Warsaw)
"Definition” (2008, Club Transmediale, Berlin)

theatre music:
"Śmierć człowieka wiewiórki” ( dir. M. Liber. Teatr usta usta/2xu, Warsaw 2006)
“Lastade” (Teatr Kana, Szczecin 2006)
“Cztery obrazy w przestrzeni” (dir. J. Turkowski, I. Thormann, Teatr Kana, Szczecin 2008)
"Bóg/Honor/Ojczyzna: Katarzyna Medycejska” ( dir. M. Liber. Teatr usta usta/2xu, Legnica 2007)
"Herbert: Rekonstrukcja Poety” ( dir. M. Liber. Nowy Teatr, Warsaw 2008)

selected festivals:
"In Beetwen" Chicago 2001, Copenhagen Jazz Festiwal 2001, Audio Art Festival 2000/2004/2010,
Muzyka z Mózgu 2000, Artgenda 2002, ALTF4 Warsaw 2003, Nova Paka 2003, SKIFF 2004,
NPAI Pathenay 2004, Aux Pole’n 2005, Densites 2005/ 2009, Ultra Hang 2007/2010 Budapeszt,
Hapzura 2007 Tel-Aviv, Club Transmediale 2008 Berlin, Stimul 2008 Paraga, Musica Electronica Nova 2009,
Simultan 2009 Timisoara, Whatismusic? 2009 Melbourne/Sydney, All Ears 2010 Oslo, LUFF 2010 Lausanne,
Unsound New York 2011, Fury of Noise 2011 Moscow Sotto Voce 2011 London, Aural 2012 Mexico and others.


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